Who Raised You

I sit here with my son, asking what he’d like for breakfast this morning.  We’re spending extra mommy-monkey time together today because it is his last day in preschool.  Tomorrow we have his kindergarten orientation and get to meet his teacher.  Then I’m surprising him with a trip to an ammusment park to celebrate this new chapter in his life! (shhhh….don’t tell him!)  When he goes back to Lord of Life on Tuesday, it will be as a school ager (aaahhh!!!)  He has been with this this family since he was 7 weeks old.  The teachers at Lord of Life have had a big hand in making Ryan who he is.  I can’t thank them enough.  No one can raise a child alone.  Every person your child meets has an impact on him/her.  Every book that is read, every toy that is played with changes who a child may become.  Wow!  Good thing it’s not all my fault!  lol.  But I am very greatful that so many wonderful people have helped me raise my child.  It makes me think back to my own childhood.  I still have fond and loving memories of so many people – babysitters, teachers, neighbors.  Something as simple as “Grandma Christiansen” (not related to me AT ALL) telling me how beautiful my hats were each week at church still resonates in my mind and heart.  I hope that I sometimes make choices that will create a fond memory for someone else.  Every interaction we have with people has an affect on us and them.  In the end, we just hope more are positive than negative. 

So….who had a hand in raising you?  Have you said “thank you?”  Maybe now is a good time.


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