The Strength of the Weakend

There are so many people around me lately who are suffering, hurting. Some with broken bodies, some with broken spirits. All with aches. Yet, these are the people who are thinking of others first. One family member is living each day with a very painful tumor. He and his wife choose treatment options based partially on what will be easiest for extended family members. A friend is fraught as her familiy is torn apart. And she smiles and passes out hugs to others daily. A co worker struggles with a parent’s illness. Yet, the well-being of the children comsume her thoughts while at work.

I am amazed by people who accept the challenges that come to them as just a part of life and continue living. I am sad for people who feel every distress in their life is a personal attack against them and put living on hold. I want to be more like those who find strength to overcome obstacles. I am slowly learning where my strength comes from and how to bring it forth in those trying times. For me, a combination of quiet meditation and prayer coupled with faith exploration in a group helps me understand.

Seeing the fortitude of those who persevere is a reminder to me to not let hardships take over my life. “I have come in order that you may have life in all its fullness.” The fullness of life is not found in the depths of self-pity or anger.


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