Note From An Aspie’s Mom

Yes, I want you to accept my son for who he is.

Today, in this moment, for all his brilliance and all his inefficiency accept him. It may not always be easy. It may not always make sense. I don’t expect you to understand him. You don’t need to. But, I want you to accept that he has value and worth just as he is.

What I will not tolerate is to have you dismiss my son for who he is!

Don’t use his growing edges to write him off. Don’t tell me….don’t tell him that he won’t or can’t do something. Don’t exclude him from life because you don’t understand him and never bother to learn from him. I will not stand for that. He, like every one of us, needs and deserves support. If you are in our lives to encourage him on his path, please share your wisdom and exuberance. If you have nothing productive to offer, kindly leave us alone. He will not be jeopardized by your assumption that he is less than anyone else. He will not be fed by a message that this life is only partially available to him. He will be…he IS an amazing individual, and with supportive people around us, that will blossom into magic we can only wonder about for now.

We can all use support now and then. Some of us would welcome a little extra at times. If you expect to judge our family because we learn differently, we think irrationally, and we may ask for help more than others, your time is best spent someplace else. My son is not the exception to your rules. Every child is unique. Accepting that will open a wonderful world of understanding for you. Don’t squish them into your misguided frame. Let them stretch and grow into who they are meant to be, in their own time.

Don’t tell our children already that they are not enough.  They are more than we deserve.

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