I find my mind wandering often.  Always to what I don’t have, where I haven’t gone, who I haven’t met, when I’ve missed opportunities, and why I can’t be…..more.  Even now I am contemplating why I can’t simply be satisfied with all the blessings surrounding me.  It’s always about wanting more.

More friends.

More time.

More space.

More experience.

More happiness.

More peace.

But, looking at what we think we’re missing makes us miss what we really have.

I don’t need more friends.  I need to cherish and accept the friends I have into my life completely.

I don’t need more time.  I need to manage the time I have better and set priorities that utilize my time to support my joy.

I don’t need more space.  I need to purge my space (physical, emotional and mental) of unwanted, unnecessary and negative things.

I don’t need more experience.  I need to reflect upon my experiences and learn from them, truly grow through what they reveal.

I don’t need more happiness.  I need to be aware of the happiness I already possess, within myself and my family and give that real meaning and value in my life.

I don’t need more peace.  Making the changes I just listed will bring me all the peace I need.

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