Another Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day

It came without a trip to the spa. There were no fancy gifts or big bouquets of flowers.

After a lovely lunch with my mothers, I went home to life in all its mom-glory.

I did laundry – because I am privileged to have a closet and drawers filled with more clothes than I need. I can pick and choose what I want to wear each day. I have my own machines to clean my clothes, in my own house. I have the power to run the machines. I can move up and down the stairs to tend to the machines as needed.

I washed dishes – because I am not living with food insecurity. I can make dinner for my child and myself every night. We have a freezer and cupboards filled with more food than we can eat in a week or a month. We have choices and options and abundance. We have clean water for drinking and cooking and washing.

I mowed my lawn – because I have a job that pays me enough to own property. I was raised in a family that celebrated education. I had guidance to fill out applications for assistance with the cost of continuing education beyond high-school. I was supported by bosses and coworkers who believed in my capacity for learning and wanted to see me do well.

Mother’s day isn’t only about pampering. I don’t need elaborate celebrations. This year my mother’s day was made meaningful by having time to remember all the parts of being a mom that are already gifts to me. I did not take a traditional route to motherhood. Nor in the traditional timing. Nor was my child considered ‘typical.’ But I had so many advantages to work through all those struggles and hiccups along the way. I had good insurance for prenatal and pediatric care. I had the wisdom of extra years and lessons learned. I had the fortitude to ask again and again when my questions weren’t being answered. I had the ability and resources to seek additional information and supports; to change jobs when my family life needed it; to trust my instincts when the professionals around me disagreed.

I am blessed in our simple life. We have a home. We are fed. We are educated. We are supported and encouraged and challenged. We are loved.

That’s all mother’s day needs to be for me – a time to give thanks for all the blessings I had while raising my child; for all that being a mom has brought to my life.

I hope there was time for peace and reflection and joy in your day.


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