Pause for Recognition

This week challenged me. A seemingly unending stream of work gone wrong, equipment breaking, illnesses, excessive heat, misunderstandings, promises unkept, and the other typical trials of life felt unbearable. And the one person who appears to have the innate ability to calm me and remind me to find my center is traveling and not available.

I often did not rise to meet this challenge this week. I succumbed. I faltered. I flailed.

But, Thursday I sat in the company of gracious women who bravely share joys & fears with each other, wrapped in a love & respect that is free of any judgment. And my heart was filled.

Yesterday, I shared a day without schedules or time limits with the kindest, deepest soul you could hope to call ‘friend’ as you travel through life.

Last night I broke bread with two people who, though technically aren’t truly family, are my family. And the gift of their time shared with me is not taken lightly.

This morning, I wrote out my list of chores to accomplish. I kept adding more tasks & adding more worry about how I would ever accomplish them all. As I felt myself tilting toward the fear & anger that gripped my life for so long and felt omnipresent this week, a little magic suddenly came into my life. A short, simple phone call; the voice that somehow realigns my soul to what really matters.

I dropped my pen and walked away from my list. I am writing this while lounging, sipping coffee from my favorite mug, and listening to the gentle rain outside. My chore list is still there and I will have to address those things eventually. But this moment is what I need right now. This time to re-center; to reassess my priorities; to remember and respect my blessings.

I have beautiful people in my life. I have experiences in my memories and my future. Fifteen minutes of reveling in this joy will not negatively impact my chore list. But it will do much good for my soul.

So I take this time – without guilt or shame – and claim it as mine. I hope you give yourself some time, too.


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