Remember Not to Worry

Are you surprised that we are almost at the end of another year? For me, the interrupted schedules caused by pandemic changes has left time feeling almost irrelevant. It feels like I have endured so much since January, and yet done so little.

I have spent too much time on ‘what if’ and not enough time on what is. Time passes so quickly and we need to use it wisely. Every day we get a chance to experience life in new ways. I want to take those chances – grab them with both hands and run through life. Or walk – it’s not a race. But I don’t want to be left standing still while life happens around me.

I recently found something new to take me into the next year:
You cannot remember and worry at the same time.”

Read that again and breathe it in deeply. How do you want to spend your time: remembering or worrying? I have missed too much already. I want to remember where my life is now. I want to hold onto these joys and call them back to my heart when I need them. I want my worries to take flight on the winds and be carried away when they serve me no more. I am making my choice; good or bad – I want to remember.

Maybe this will be my peace mantra. Maybe it will be my battle cry. Either way, I am ready for it to change me. Will you choose to remember with me?

above quote from the book “Blessed Life” by Kim Fields
Photo is of a sign gifted to me which reads
“we can’t always choose the music life plays for us,
but we can choose how we dance to it.”
Photo taken by me

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