Tears and Promises

It’s been a day of tears.

It happens now and then – when the day feels heavy and the words feel hard. The irrationality of emotion wins the battle against logic. When commercials spark tears.  When songs crash down like five foot waves. When the weather – grey or bright – is palpable from inside.

Time squeezes flesh and bones like gears of a clock. It is the enemy, dragging the torture on slowly. The welts and bruises grow deeper and brighter with each tick. The day compounds the damage.

These are the days when loneliness creeps in and when introversion takes over. When it is a fight to find the good – in life and in me.


These are also the days that gently hold a tender promise of something better to come.

In each teardrop, hope clings. As it slowly falls, a trail of promise is painted on my cheeks with anticipation. Days like this will end. They always do. In time the words will flow lightly through my soul. My mind will quiet, my heart will bloom. Music will caress my dreams and urge me to dance once more. The birds will help me sing to greet the day – grey or bright – with joy.

Slowly, gratefully, time is gifted in clusters of care and flashes of favor.


Tears may come…..tears will always find their way in. But it’s the promises that follow on which we must depend.

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