We Are Not Amused

Did you see it?!

Did you watch the Royal Wedding?!

So many friends and family were watching. I tried to watch the news in the morning only to find the wedding….on every channel.

It is two days later and still the wedding is everywhere I look. Social media, the news, even the water cooler chatter is still all a buzz with The Royal Wedding.

I did not watch. I did not follow the news before the wedding. I did not follow the courting or the engagement. From what little I know, I think both Prince Harry and Ms. Markel (now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) are lovely people who have open minds and generous hearts and I wish them many years of happiness.

I did not watch for one simple reason: I would not want the world watching me.

Can you imagine planning a party that will be attended – and critiqued – by millions of people? Most of these people don’t know you or your traditions or customs, but they will comment on what you did or didn’t do. Many of these people have never hosted a party for only a dozen people, but they will be sure to mention what you forgot. There will be comments on who wore what, who sat where, who attended, who didn’t attend, the decorations, the food, the venue and the damn weather.

Many friends watched and commented and I am not here to judge that. I just, personally, don’t want to participate. I find that I am growing ever-increasingly fond of my privacy. Having it stolen from me a few years back may make me a bit more protective. I know – this probably sounds like a ridiculous statement from someone who publishes a public blog. Rest assured…there is FAR more left unsaid in these pages than  what I choose to share. My privacy is important to me, and in my better moments, I try to extend that courtesy to those around me.

I have been in the presence of (low level) celebrities outside of scheduled appearances. I have let them shop or eat or play Frisbee or watch the play in peace. I did not wave at them or stop to say hi or ask for an autograph. Because I would not want that. I know celebrity (or royal) life is different, and lack of privacy is part of the package. But, I still feel like I can do my part to reduce that intrusion.

So, forgive me if I don’t talk your ear off about the flowers or the dress (which, from the pictures, I adore in its simplicity) or who sat where. To me that was a private event on which we eves-dropped.

But, for those of you who watched – I hope you took joy and peace from it, not a list of “should haves.”

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