The Image We Hold

My friend, Truth, is at it again. He held that mirror up to me, he showed me what he sees. It was not the reflection I saw when I looked in the mirror. How does he see such different things? I couldn’t argue with any fact he presented. But I never put those facts together to draw the conclusions he revealed to me. Truth makes me think differently, to question the ideas I’ve long held in my head. It’s a good thing. He helps me grow.

As he listed the evidence in support of his assessment of my overarching character, my mind said “yes, but…” to every one.

“Yes, but….” as if to dismiss whatever it was.

“Yes, but…” as if it were not valid.

“Yes, but….” as if to negate any positive because there are also negatives.

Well, of course there are negatives! No one is all positives – no one is perfect. That is what makes this world work in beautiful, messy, interesting ways. Where I fall short, you reach out in strength, step forward and excel. Where I soar, you take shelter ‘neath my wing and rest until it is your turn to lead our path again. We – all of us – are taking our turn at being light to each other, to the world. We are healer, strength, love.

So, why are we so quick to say “yes, but…,” to dismiss so many things about ourselves that make us unique or powerful or resilient. Why must we look to others for recognition or validation? Not in hopes of accolades, but simply for understanding the amazing beings that we are. Not one thing Truth said to me was a surprise. He has surprised me in the past with his interpretation of me. He wasn’t wrong (he never is – it’s a little infuriating at times). But, he has jolted me with his observations. Some which it took a bit of time for me to accept. Not because they were unpleasant, but because they were beyond who I believed myself to be. This time there was no revelation in the facts. He listed these things – these parts of me that he saw. Yes, I saw them all, too. But I never put them together the way he did.

Truth held that mirror at eye level and I watched as he took my pain, my sorrow, my anger, my solitude, my heartache, my struggle, my emptiness and fit them together into fortitude and vigor and courage and perseverance and toughness. He showed me who I became in response to the adversarial moments I’d faced. Where I only saw yet another failure, one more moment to regret, he saw my bootstraps tighten. He saw my back straighten. He saw me. He showed me a new reflection, one that was always there but which I had blurred with my fog of disappointments.

Everyone needs a little Truth in their life – a way to see themselves for all they have become. A way to wipe the fog from their reflection and understand themselves as a whole, beautiful being. Be open to who you are beyond your bits and pieces. Find your whole reflection and change the image you hold.

We are, who we are more than our scars
We are, who we are more than the sum of our parts

Mary Lambert – Sum of Our Parts

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