Peace Comes in the Silence

20171027_132308Truth noticed I ask him to fix me a little less.

He noticed I share ‘me’ a little more.

My clay has hardened in the fire I was thrown into. I am stronger. Truth has noticed and told me so. I hadn’t noticed. It was a nice mirror he held to me.

It’s the silence, the space between the words, that has brought me here. Once the words began to fade away I was able to hear my heart again. Once the echoes stopped ringing I could start a new story. I needed the silence to come to let me begin again. I will never repeat my story. It may seem familiar, but it will never be the same. This makes me both sad and quite content.

When my nightingale flew and his song didn’t linger at my window…there was silence.

When my day heard no chimes of promises long broken…there was silence.

When I stopped checking the door, the one that was supposed to be closed, just a peak, just in case…there was silence.

With the silence we forget.



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