This week I had a really meaningful conversation with a friend. It came out of nowhere – or out of a joke, actually. But, there was nothing funny about our exchange. And, for me, it was a pretty amazing conversation. It was brief, much too concise for my liking but that’s all that time would allow (for now). I can’t say it was a deep conversation, as I feel we barely pierced the edges of what could be explored. But there was depth in the few words we exchanged. There was breadth of understanding, of mutual support, of camaraderie. We revealed bits of ourselves that are not common knowledge, but are shared experiences. We showed vulnerability and strength to each other and for each other. We moved our friendship to another plane. And it was pretty awesome.

This friend is not someone I’ve known for most of my life. It’s not someone I spend much time with, or who I call with problems or questions. This is a friend of circumstance. Or, rather, that’s how it started. We have gotten together by choice (and enjoyed it). We have exchanged advice with each other (and appreciated it). But for the short time we’ve known each other it has not been a “BFF” situation. And that was okay with both of us. Now, suddenly, we’ve shared something new that changes everything.

Someone I thought was a pretty cool person I now see with a heart of gold ready to indulge a friend in need.

Someone I knew to be caring I now see with a soul of glass, borne of fire and yet fragile.

Someone I knew to be intelligent and fun I now see as fascinating and unpredictable.

I am grateful for those few moments we had, for the words we were brave enough to exchange. It was a first for me, to say those things, and it has empowered me to dig deeper into myself and explore my thoughts. I hope we get to talk more, find a few more stolen moments to share those bits that we’ve entrusted to each other. It was comforting. I want to know more – about both of us.

This conversation came in the midst of a few challenging weeks for me. All little things, but fatigue and frustration were getting the better of me each day. Unending rainy weather dictated my moods, and even when the sun finally shone again, the clouds were all I could see around me. Then, a 4 am meeting of the souls turned things around for me. Nothing else really changed, but I changed. I greeted each challenge in a new way, with a renewed spirit. As if the clouds were getting pushed aside.

Connections matter. We can’t take them for granted. We can’t take them lightly. Take the time to talk to each other – even through email or social media. Embrace the little conversations that happen with friends or family. Cherish the big conversations that change you in unimaginable ways. We live in this big, scary world together. When we support each other, we all win. Make the connection, see what you can learn about someone else or about yourself.

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