We Don’t Have Room

barbHave you heard the cries from the masses? The shouts that we have no room for refugees? Let me tell you where I see no room –

As long as there are children anywhere sleepless from the pain of hunger, we don’t have room to ignore.

As long as there are families anywhere living on the streets in the cold, in the heat, in the rain, we don’t have room to pass by.

As long as people anywhere are pushed aside for having disabilities, we don’t have room to stay silent.

As long as individuals anywhere are denigrated based on their accent, country, religion or clothes, we don’t have room to close our eyes.

There are so many injustices in the world for which we have no room as a loving human race.

I will not partake in the current trend to place the value of one human life ahead of another. I am sorrowed that so many in our Country are starving, hurting, dying. But I could not pass by the aching hand of a foreign child to look for another to feed.  And, with all the waste that happens in our world, I honestly believe that there is enough to ensure none go hungry or without adequate shelter if we were to let go of our greed.

The distribution of aid is lopsided. The determination of need is lacking. The follow-up for services is suffering. I see that. I know, for all of us, it is not good.

I do not wish to increase risk to my family – ‘family’ that stretches through 50 states and 196 countries. I do not have the answers. I am not without waste and greed in my own actions. I am part of the root problem. But I cannot believe that calling for – proudly demanding – the death of thousands of people is the only answer.

I will not be part of the ongoing hatred that serves only to further cleave us one from another, severing our world community.

We don’t have room.


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