Vacation Adventures, part I

I wasnt sure we’d ever get to start our vacation.  As I tried to pack our bags the night before, my son was begging me to cancel the trip. I really dislike these moments as i try to discern the level of discomfort. Is it a moment that will pass, or true panic? It’s often irrational, so that doesn’t  work as a guide. I just kept packing, acknowledging his discomfort then asking him to pick another shirt to pack. As long as I got him to participate (even through the tears) I figured I was okay. It was a long night, but we made it. This morning went pleasingly well, until we’d been in the car about 30 minutes. Then the periodic pleading to go home began again. The short drive to start our vacation was riddled with anxious moments. We’re here now. We canceled today’s plans in order to get right to the hotel. He’s settled in for the night. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a more cooperative day tomorrow.

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