It’s Not Me, It’s You

It’s hard to watch someone you once loved turn into someone you don’t know. Whether it’s life-choices or an illness, seeing someone become something less than who they were is heartbreaking.

Watching someone change by growing into something bigger than who they were can be satisfying, gratifying and exciting. A new job or promotion; resolving a problem on their own; improving grades; discovering a new gift within themselves and then sharing it with others can bring such joy to loved ones.

But, the sadness that wells from deep within at the sight of someone who once held a place of honor in your heart and who is now sinking to depths that invoke pity is indescribable.

Is it hard because we hold onto the memories of what was?  Or is regret over the feeling of time wasted interfering?  Do we feel sad for the one we loved?  Or for ourselves?

I am watching someone who has changed.  Once upon a time I could have told you every thought or dream that could come from them.  Now, it’s as if I had never met them before.  I don’t like being in this place.  I don’t like having history with a stranger.

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