Spring….a new beginning

Spring is on its way and with it the joy of new adventures.  Or it should be.  The impending season brings me nervous thoughts of new adventures.  You see, while some children are excited to get on their bikes and ride to a friend’s house, my son can not ride a bike, nor does he have a friend’s house to go to.  He’s working on both – a little, anyway.  It’s disappointing that we can’t yet go for a bike ride together, and I worry about his ability to make (and keep) friends.  But, the hardest part for me is that it doesn’t matter to him.  He truly doesn’t care.  He is completely happy playing by himself, inside, with his Legos.  He sometimes goes outside without prompting, but he just runs around the house in his imaginary world, conquering the invisible foe.

I worry as he gets older that it will start to matter to him – and how will he deal with that?  How will I help him?  The Scouts have a bike rally in a couple of months – what will he do while the other boys ride?  A classmate is having a pool party – will the other kids tease him because he doesn’t swim? 

In kindergarten he was very aware of the other children pointing out his uniqueness and questioned (often) if he was “weird” because of one thing or another.  I continued to tell him that God makes each of us different and just the way we need to be – and what a boring world it would be if we were all the same.  He doesn’t question anymore.  Is that a good thing or not?

I need to let go of my fears and embrace his carefree attitude.  Maybe he’s got it right.  Maybe it doesn’t really matter.  Maybe my wish is more for me.  (I really am lucky to be protected by such a great defender – no invisible foes ever get in here)

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