In the Presence of Greatness

I am surrounded by the most amazing people!  Let me introduce you to a few…

  • The Artistic One – a very creative man who has used his talents to bring amazing cultural features to the area and has never stopped fighting for the support and continuation of the arts.  His vision and devotion, cradled in a deep faith, are leading the way for a future still bright with the neon lights of Broadway.  Now I am sure my child’s future will have depth and creativity.
  • The Big Sister – always ready with the most wonderful hugs, she nurtures everyone around her.  Her life has been met with sadness many times, but never has a heart been so big and so full of love for so many people.  Her prayer list is long and she’s never missed a name, but she never asks for her name to be added to someone else’s list.  Now I know love is real.
  • The Pioneer – young and full of ambition, she is working to change the world.  She faces new challenges head-on, and will take on injustice in any country.  Her spirit and peaceful intolerance of oppression will one day bring about great revolution.  Now I believe peace is possible.
  • The Leader – a young man, ready to make a change in this world.  All ready to give his life to God in order to bring God to more of us.  So full of ideas and passion and faith, bolstered by so much love and support from all those around him.  Now I see what turning to Him can bring.
  • The Quiet One – taking amazing leaps through simple gestures, she has brought the love, dreams, anguish and fears of children to life in a tapestry story.  A story that is shared with all nations, in hopes of bringing about change and rejuvenation.  A small-town girl with world-wide achievements.  Now I know what a true heart can do.
  • The Elder – a dashing man who’s lived enough wonderment for three lifetimes.  His many adventures were often about creating memories for someone else.  Yet he is the one who shares the stories with joy.  A model of doing for others, driven by deep-rooted faith, he never stops learning.  Now I know what faithFULL means.
  • The Future – so many fall into here.  The young navigators in life that don’t let youth be a hinderance to their ambition nor an excuse for non-involvement.  They are out there building houses, fixing schools, creating safe environments, leading children, traveling here and there, making a difference.  Now I can see that there is a future.

Every day I encounter people so focused on others, so dedicated in their drive to make someone else’s world better.  I am amazed – and blessed – to be surrounded by so many outreaching people.  Sometimes we are so focused on the people who hurt and anger us that we lose sight of how many love us and lift us.  To all of you in my life – THANK YOU, for who you are.  My life is better for having known you.  You bring inspiration to the many people you touch.  Don’t ever stop!

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