The Pirate Family

So hard to take off the “Director” hat at school, but today I had to do it. For a whole hour I got to be just a mom. It felt strange at first. But when I actually forgot that I was in charge and the bills that weren’t paid and budget that’s not balanced and the files taking over my desk like a rogue paper monster…I enjoyed myself. I watched my son stand in front of me with his friends, draped with paper guitars, and they “rocked out” to a beautiful song. “We’re all a family under one sun, a family under one son…” they belted out proudly! I watched him, smiling, stopping his song intermittently to ask “did you see me mom?” I fought back tears. Then in a flash, panic washed over me… will I ever get through graduation?!?! I shook my head to banish the thought and enjoyed the rest of the song.

After the concert, we sat together and drew a picture of our family. A big blank piece of paper sat in front of us. We chose a few crayons and he began. The words came first. A story errupted from his mind and mouth, growing and growing. I had to plead with him to slow down long enough to draw something!! He started by drawing a smiling little boy, which was quickly adorned with an eye patch and pirate hat, complete with a peg leg. He proudly stated “we’re a pirate family in this picture, mom!” He then drew me, including my skull-and-crossbones hat. We weilded our swords proudly. The picture grew, like the story, with a pirate ship, island, and big treasure chest. He carefully added a crows’ nest, cannon, ropes and rigging, and a plank for the “scurvy” priates

It was the best family picture I’d ever seen! The best of both worlds – some fantasy, some reality. Me and my little boy, side by side as always, fighting off sharks and climbing the ropes to look for enemies. Who knew I could find burried treasure? I guess he did.

Thank you for wonderful family day, monkey! You’re the most wonderful family I could ever have!


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