Live Like A Child

I believe that children are in our lives to keep us from becoming complacent about things around us. It’s hard to miss the wonder of colors dancing through a puddle after a rainstorm when a child nearby is mesmorized by it and giggling with excitement. Ever try to ignore bodily sounds from a stranger with a child around? Nearly impossible! They see so much more than we do as adults. We see a pretty flower that was nice to receive. They see the most beautiful flower in the world that must be placed in the best vase and given fresh water every day and cared for and nurtured. They feel so much more than we do as adults. We are saddened by an argument. They are crushed, a relationship is damaged, trust is lost, fear is instilled, their world has changed. They seem to experience joy more fully and hurt more deeply. They see the smallest detail and give it the greatest value.

What lessons we could learn from children.
Love each other because it gives us more friends to play with.
Treasure the gifts you are given, no matter how small and they will bring you greater joy.
Notice the sun and the rain, the biggest beast and smallest bug, the silliest face and the saddest hug, and be truly amazed by each of them

This week – see the world through the eyes of a child – be amazed, feel the joy.


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