Is your glass half empty or half full? Are you half empty or half full? Let’s just look at part of that….the empty part. Being empty can mean you have great capacity for growth and learning. It leaves you voluminous area to fill with love and friendship and compassion and gratitude. Being empty is being full of potential.

Being empty can also mean you are hungry, lacking in something. It is a void within you that can be filled by only a specific thing. Without that ‘thing’ the void continues. Being empty is being incomplete.

Being empty can be filled with insincerity. It is a truth that is twisted into a lie, a promise that has lost its authority. Being empty is being false.

Being empty can mean there is no value or purpose. It is worth that has been rendered insignificant. Being empty is being trivial.

So how can you answer if you are half empty or half full until you know what empty is to you?


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